Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs

Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs (NEH) is a collaborative project between Lund University, DTU - Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Business Academy and KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

The main purpose of NEH is to support student and alumni startups in their journey towards becoming established business and to ensure that they can survive and grow. By forming a network of hubs that combine entrepreneurial facilities and resources such as coaching and workshops and focusing on issues like team development and diversity, leadership and conflict management, NEH can help back startups in creating a sustainable business with a strong team.

Institutions of higher educations in the Øresund Region hold a large number of students who are interested in starting their own businesses. In addition, companies founded by persons with a higher education have proven to create more jobs than other businesses. For the region to really profit from the growth potential students with entrepreneurial mindsets represent, structural challenges must be met by creating a better dynamic between the agencies supporting upcoming businesses and the needs of student entrepreneurs.

Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs began in 2016 and will continue until the summer of 2022. The project is realised by funds from the EU regional development fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak under the program priority Employment.


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